URAL 750cc EFI kit. 

 ural 750 efi kit

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So, we offer a retrofit kit with electronic injection on opposite motorcycles. In particular, the kit is compatible with motorcycles Ural,Dnepr / MT 650cc . In theory (not yet verified), the kit can be installed on motorcycles Ural 750cc until 2007 of release. We tried to make it so that the retrofit of the motorcycle with electronic injection would take no more than 3-4 hours without a significant change in the design of the motorcycle or engine. At the same time, considering the variety of ways to forcing the engine 650cc - it is possible to individually adjust the control unit for each individual engine. As a basic option, calibrations for the engine 650cc are provided with an increased compression ratio for 92 gasoline. In the future, it is planned to adjust the URAL engine to 750cc and, accordingly, to provide calibrations for this engine.

We have developed components that allow us to briefly update the "opposites" with electronic injection.

  • Throttle body
  • Fuel distributor
  • Electronic control unit
  • Wiring harness

EFI kit


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